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Brooke Taylor


Hello ladies of Watauga!

My name is Brooke. I'm an advanced access/mobile crisis clinician at Daymark Recovery Services, a local mental health and/or substance abuse outpatient therapy agency. I grew up nearby in Jefferson, NC. I went to undergraduate college at UNC Chapel Hill and got my Master's in Social Work at Columbia University in New York. I spent a couple of years exploring and teaching English in Naples, Italy. I am a foodie and do not function properly without my morning coffee! I try to love exercise as much as I love food, and it's a constant battle... I'm excited to get to know the amazing women in this group and to learn your stories!

Phone: 919-357-4501

Christy Adams Gottfried


I am a past Communications Graduate, Visual Display Artist, PTSO Leader, Super Mom, Event Planner, Retail Shop Owner, and now owner of a 100% Women Owned Print and Ship Store, Go Postal in Boone and happy to be on my own.

After many years of taking care of many people and organizations, I am throwing myself into my business and the local area! I am interested in joining groups of like-minded business owners and professionals. I do not like to be idle, but have to head home eventually since my 2 miniature poodles get lonely in the evenings!

I would like to work with other businesses to provide high quality, custom print materials locally and away. Printing is changing and I have a lot of ideas and love to organize events. I hope to re-organize my current storefront and then move forward to other ideas!

Phone: 8282620027

Sallie Aceto


Design & Media Group

The Design and Media Group features a blend of graphic and creative expertise, ideal for bringing your vision to life. We create custom graphics for print and web use. Whether you need a logo, marketing materials, or advertising design services, we do it all!

Phone: 704-953-6113