Jessica Stansberry:

Jessica Stansberry empowers passionate entrepreneurs to get out of their own way, with personal and business development tools, so they can up-level and do what they were put on this earth to do . She throws down knowledge-bombs with weekly free blog content, a YouTube channel, and her chart-topping podcast, Grit. You can find out more at

Brand You. Build Social. In 2019 and beyond, your brand, your business, all of it, is YOU. Let’s bust through comfort zones, break past imposture syndrome, stop making excuses and brand yourself in a way that attracts paying customers or clients and skyrockets your growth on social media.


Margo Lenmark:

With a BS in Journalism, Margo journeyed far from her Midwestern roots to live a life in service of others. She has been a motivational speaker, taught meditation, and conducted stress management seminars in major U.S. corporations, Egypt, India, the Philippines, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Before alternative medicine was in vogue, she started and managed an Ayurvedic Health Center in Palm Beach Florida. Her varying interests have run the gamut from relationship coaching to officiating weddings and funerals, to managing a rock band. She has been a top-selling Realtor in the High Country for the past 23 years. Margo recently authored the book, Light in the Mourning: Memoirs of an Undertaker’s Daughter, which received glowing acclaim from best-selling authors Deepak Chopra and Marci Shimoff. She lectures on how death speaks to her through the voices of the dearly departed.

Running with the Wolves: Margo will give a dynamic talk about Women in Leadership. Why women? Why wolves?